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This web app I created for finding restaurants uses the Yelp API. It finds geotagged Instagram photos nearby and then renders a map from the user’s current location. The app has systems for accounts and allows users to make comments on restaurants, which are saved in a MongoDB database. The data is rendered in a single-page app written with Angular and jQuery, and served up by Node.JS and Express.

Lazy Chain

This library uses es2015 proxies to queue methods and then calls them on objects.

Social Basic

This simple social broadcast system is a single-page app written in native JavaScript with jQuery. The server itself is written in Django with Handlebars templating, and the data is saved in a Postgress database. The app also includes a subscription system.


Mission Bit Instructor: Intro to Snap

This semester I am co-teaching a six-week class at Martin Luther King Academic Middle School. The goal of the course is to introduce middle school students to programming and show them the basics of making games.

Mission Bit Teacher’s Assistant: Intro to Web

In the fall of 2015, I was a teacher’s assistant for Mission Bit. I taught high school students the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The course concluded with an introduction to the Phaser game library, which the students used to create their own games.

Mission Bit Student: Android apps

During the summer of 2015, I took an Android class at Mission Bit; I learned how to program native apps with libGDX, develop apps in small teams, and make multiplayer games.


I’m a sophomore at Lowell High School. My current GPA is 3.86.


Stevon Cook, CEO of Mission Bit

Hurshal Patel, software engineer at MemSQL